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  • No waiting times
  • Annual Executive Physical
  • Detailed lab reports

  • 30-minute appointments for longer and more thorough exams
  • Access to your doctor’s personal email and cell phone number
  • Coordination of care with specialists and fast prescription refills


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Dr. Mall is the most brilliant doctor in the world. He knows everything about diagnosis. He is so kind and takes time with us. If we were not able to have Dr. Mall as our doctor, we would panic! Because there could be no other doctor that we could have faith in.
Jolane Brunty
Dr. Mall has been my physician for some 20 plus years now. He has seen me through some pretty tough medical times. He has always been there for me. I can contact via telephone even if I just need to talk to him. Dr. Mall’s staff is the best there is. They are kind, caring and top notch. I can’t begin to tell you how good he is. Dr. Mall always takes his time with you, explains complex medical issues in terms you can understand, and most important believes in letting you be proactive in your own health care. Thank you Dr. Mall for all of your care.
Martha Ann Stahl
After twenty years in Dr. Mall’s care I can honestly say he and his team are the best. They take their time with everyone and are very thorough. The doctor leaves no questions unanswered and is always there when he’s needed. It is rare these days to see a doctor and his staff be together for so many years and continue to provide excellent health care to each and every patient.
Susan Russo
Dr. Mall has been my doctor for eleven years and I would not think to see another doctor. Not only is Dr. Mall 100% professional he is a very warm and compassionate person. He has always taken the time to listen and talk about any problems I have. He has always given me the right advice concerning my health and always takes great care of me. I would not trust me health and well-being in anyone else’s hand’s. He is the greatest doctor!! Dr. Mall’s nurses are all terrific and sweet!!
Darlene Panek